5 Great Office Storage Ideas

5 Great Office Storage Ideas

When you’re creating an office at home or converting a spare room into a new work studio, you’ll often find you have loads of stuff but with nowhere to put it. Things like work contracts, documents, bills and all those bits and pieces that you feel like you should keep around but don’t want them getting lost into the abyss of everything else. Well, there are plenty of office storage units you can find on the internet to help manage your everyday clutter items. So let’s get to it!

Shelving Units

First up is the shelving units. These things come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that would fit your office. Not only that, but they can also be made to match your room decor. I have a couple with match a black and oak themed office space from Ikea and they are relatively cheap ($40-$50). Shelving units are great because you can store boxes on them, notepads and even trinkets that you want on display.I have separated my shelves into an ordered system. For example, I keep all my boring work files on the bottom shelf but on the higher/more on displayed ones I use it to show off my certificates and achievements. One shelf also has a trendy clock on it and they are surrounded by nice office plants. It’s great for keeping the room nice and light and makes working from home feel calm.

Storage Containers

I’m not talking about those massive shipping ones, but rather simple small boxes that can be used to store documents in. Since they are so cheap, you can have several of them for all your different types of documents: bills, contracts, rough drafts etc. They can all neatly fit on shelves of in cupboards so they’re out of the way, but they are organised so you know exactly where to go to find them. You can buy labels to make sure you know what goes in what too.

Hidden Cupboards

Nowadays you can find furniture that acts as both something to sit and relax on, but also doubles-up as a place to store your stuff. This is a great way of saving space if you have a small office room and save money at the same time. I have a chair which has a small cupboard hidden in the back of it that lets me store things like printer ink, computer cables and other stuff I’m not going to use often but needs a place for when those times do happen.

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